Kidney Stone Training

Comprehensive training for dietitians and other healthcare professionals who want to up their kidney stone game! Up-to-date info about kidney stone prevention, research and actionable steps to personalize kidney stone interventions for your patients!

Become an EXPERT in lifestyle for personalized kidney stone prevention. Be 100% confident and fully equipped to help any kidney stone patient who comes your way!


  • LIFETIME access to the video training – including future updates!
  • Certificate of Training
  • The Ultimate Guide to Kidney Stones for Registered Dietitians
  • 24-Hour Urine Test Cheat Sheet
  • 6 patient handouts
  • 3.25 CEU for RDNs

Clinical References

Patient Handouts

What People are Saying

“I don’t see many clients with kidney disease, so I don’t regularly use educational materials for this disease state. I am starting to get a few clients with kidney disease, so needed some handouts. These are perfect! There are so many lists of foods that are high and low in potassium, phosphorous and sodium, but these went into more detail with label reading and more. They were exactly what I needed.”

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