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Sick of kidney stones? I’m here to help! Throw away your food lists and & understand what ACTUALLY will prevent kidney stones. Feel confident in your food choices and enjoy eating again!

Kidney Stone Nutrition School is the only prevention course led by a Registered Dietitian who specializes in kidney stones. With so much incorrect information available online and even from reputable sources, Kidney Stone Nutrition School offers accurate, effective strategies to prevent kidney stones.

Let’s face it. Life with kidney stones can be tough. The difficulties of day-to-day live with kidney stones are not talked about nearly enough!

Living with Kidney Stones covers all our tips and tricks to live your best life! Mental health, day-to-day life and getting the most out of your medical care are all discussed.

Comprehensive training for dietitians who want to up their kidney stone game! Up-to-date info about kidney stone prevention, research and actionable steps to personalize kidney stone interventions for your patients!

Dishing Out Prevention is NOT just another webinar. This course is a comprehensive training for kidney stone professionals to become EXPERTS in lifestyle for kidney stone prevention.

After completing the course, you’ll feel 100% confident and be equipped will all the tools you need to help any kidney stone patient who comes your way!

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The Kidney Dietitian’s Kidney Stone Prevention Community

The Kidney Stone Prevention Community is for you:
  • If you have a history of kidney stones and want to stop them from happening again
  • If you want to join a community with other people who have kidney stones to learn together
  • If you are super confused about what you SHOULD be eating for kidney stone prevention
  • If you want to learn how to REALLY stop kidney stones – based on YOUR stone type and risk factors

Kidney Stone Diet Guides

For People with Kidney Stones

For Dietitians


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For more information, don’t forget to check out my blog and the Kidney Stone Blog from the University of Chicago.

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