Prevent Kidney Stones with Delicious, Personalized Nutrition

We believe that kidney stone prevention should never come at the cost of enjoying the food you love. Our evidence-based approach focuses on your individual 24-hour urine test to uncover the cause of your kidney stones. With our customized approach to nutrition, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of foods without causing stones. Let us help you reclaim your life from kidney stones and enjoy the foods you love!

Kidney stones are NO fun!

I get it. You are sick and tired of:

  • the pain
  • endless stents, infections and hospitalizations
  • living in fear of passing your next stone
  • feeling like you can’t eat ANYTHING
  • missing important life events
  • useless advice from your doctor
  • endless, confusing lists of what you “should” eat

You CAN enjoy eating again, without Googling every single food.

You CAN be confident that you are focusing on the RIGHT things.

You CAN get your life back from kidney stones. 

You just need to look in the right place!

Get a personalized, evidence-based approach to kidney stones.

Unfortunately, most people with kidney stones don’t get the help they deserve. The Kidney Dietitian is here to help!

Kidney stone nutrition is different for every single person. Your 24-hour urine test holds the secret to why YOU are making kidney stones, and what YOU can do to prevent them.

Kidney stone nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. And, you CAN eat your favorite foods. I promise!

Stop Those Kidney Stones Once & For All!

Hi! My name is Melanie. I am a nationally recognized kidney stone dietitian and Founder & CEO of The Kidney Dietitian. My goal is to help every single person out there prevent kidney stones and get the personalized nutrition care they deserve. 

My goal is to simplify eating for kidney stones so you can:

  • focus on what actually matters for kidney stone prevention
  • feel confident in your food choices
  • enjoy your favorite foods without fear!

As a leader in my field, I’ve published and presented to thousands of people about kidney stone nutrition. Most importantly, I’ve helped thousands of people prevent kidney stones through my client services, online course, blog, podcast, educational products & cookbooks and social media accounts!

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