Welcome to The Kidney Dietitian

A delicious, personalized approach to kidney stone prevention

Kidney stones are NO fun

I get it. You are sick and tired of:

  • the pain
  • endless stents, infections and hospitalizations
  • living in fear of passing your next stone
  • feeling like you can’t eat ANYTHING
  • missing important life events
  • useless advice from your doctor
  • endless, confusing lists of what you “should” eat

A personalized, evidence-based approach

Unfortunately, most people with kidney stones don’t get the help they deserve. I’m here to help!

Kidney stone nutrition is different for every single person. Your 24-hour urine test holds the secret to why YOU are making kidney stones, and what YOU can do to prevent them.

Kidney stone nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. 

And, you CAN eat your favorite foods. I promise!

How Can I Help You?

Hi! My name is Melanie. I am a Registered Dietitian certified in kidney nutrition. I specialize in nutrition for people with kidney stones.

My goal is to simplify eating for kidney stones so you can:

  • focus on what actually matters for kidney stone prevention
  • feel confident in your food choices
  • enjoy your favorite foods without fear!

As a leader in my field, I’ve published and presented about kidney stone nutrition to both patients and healthcare professionals. Most importantly, I’ve helped hundreds of people prevent kidney stones!

melanie chopping romaine
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