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Kidney Stone Diet eCookbooks

Calcium is a critical piece of a healthy diet for calcium oxalate kidney stone prevention.  But, many people grow tired of plain milk and yogurt.

Both of these eCookbooks were created just for people with calcium kidney stones.  Each edition includes 30+ recipes for scrumptious, creative ways to incorporate dairy into your meals.

  • Introduction explaining the science behind the calcium oxalate kidney stone diet
  • Serving and meal ideas
  • Complete nutrition information for each recipe, including reliable oxalate content
  • Each recipe is developed by The Kidney Dietitian to be:
    • High in calcium to block oxalate absorption and promote bone health
    • Low to moderate in oxalate
    • The right amount of protein and low in sodium and added sugar to promote reduced urine calcium

Want a deeper dive into healthy eating to prevent calcium oxalate kidney stones?  Check out my educational video.


  • One hour instructional video providing a complete overview of healthy eating for calcium oxalate kidney stones. Melanie aims to simplify nutrition for kidney stone prevention.  Includes tips and a few meal ideas!
  • PDF handout of slides used in video.

For Dietitians

Handouts for your patients from Melanie!

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What People are Saying

“I don’t see many clients with kidney disease, so I don’t regularly use educational materials for this disease state. I am starting to get a few clients with kidney disease, so needed some handouts. These are perfect! There are so many lists of foods that are high and low in potassium, phosphorous and sodium, but these went into more detail with label reading and more. They were exactly what I needed.”

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