Yes! You CAN prevent kidney stones

You just need a little help from an expert

Work 1:1 with a Kidney Stone Dietitian

The Kidney Dietitian offers individual, private client sessions to help people prevent kidney stones and know exactly what to eat. Work through your specific nutrition concerns. 

Sign up for our 1:1 kidney stone package for the ultimate kidney stone prevention plan, complete customization and help from your own personal kidney stone dietitian.

Our kidney stone dietitians are also experts in blood sugar control, heart health, kidney disease and bone health so they can work with you to come up with a nutrition plan to address ALL your nutrition concerns.

Our 1:1 Kidney Stone Packages Include

Private Sessions with YOUR Kidney Stone Dietitian

Meet with your dietitian privately to come up with a custom plan to prevent stones for you! Work with your dietitian to come up with a plan that works for YOU, set goals and gain accountability with the ultimate kidney stone prevention experience!

Follow Up 24-Hour Urine Session

Most of our packages include a 24-hour urine test follow-up appointment which is crucial to make sure you have lowered your risk of kidney stones & see if any other tweaks need to be made.

Comprehensive Analysis of Your Diet

Get a comprehensive analysis of your current eating habits to review with your dietitian to understand how to best change your diet for kidney stone prevention!

Access to Kidney Stone Nutrition School

All private nutrition clients get VIP access to our signature course Kidney Stone Nutrition School with Melanie - including 3 monthly calls, all lessons, recipes, example meal plans, worksheets and more!

Unlimited Chat Support

During your package, enjoy unlimited private messaging with your dietitian to check-in and get questions answered between sessions!

Optional Custom Meal Plans

Choose to dedicate one of your private sessions to create a completely custom meal plan with your dietitian!

Meet Our Dietitians

Kelly Nemec MS, RD, LDN

Kelly is an outpatient kidney stone dietitian at a large academic medical center in Chicago, Illinois. Kelly has been a dietitian in the clinical setting for 8 years and has experience in kidney transplant, diabetes, weight management and cardiovascular disease. In her free time Kelly loves to travel, hike and try new recipes. Kelly is a firm believer in individualized nutrition education that is specific to each patient. Kelly is motivated and determined to help her patients get rid of those pesky kidney stones once and for all!

Kelly is licensed in Illinois and is willing to get licensed in YOUR state if you are a good fit. Book a discovery call with her to explore working together!

More Dietitians Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We are not in network with any insurance company and do not bill insurance directly. We recommend connecting with your insurance company to see if your benefits cover dietitian services. We are able to provide a “superbill” for possible reimbursement and/or to use for Healthcare/Flexible Savings Accounts.

Yes! With most of our packages, you can choose to dedicate one of your sessions to build a custom meal plan with your dietitian.

If you are a good fit, our dietitians are willing to explore licensure in your state. Book a call with us today!

If you have kidney disease AND a history of kidney stones, our packages are the perfect fit for you! Your dietitian will take your labs and other medical history into account to come up with a personalized nutrition plan for you! We do not currently offer packages for people looking for help with kidney disease alone. Check out our list of kidney dietitians who do!

Absolutely! Nutrition matters for all types of kidney stones.

Absolutely! We’ve helped many people with medullary sponge kidney (MSK) (aka “medullary sponge disease” or “MSD”) prevent kidney stones. There are absolutely things you can do to significantly lower your risk of kidney stones despite this diagnosis!

Prefer a Self-Paced Course?

Check out Kidney Stone Nutrition School. Our self-paced online course that walks you through your 24-hour urine test and teaches you exactly HOW and WHAT you can do to prevent kidney stones. 

The course comes with LIFETIME access to the course and online community with dietitian support.

VIP enrollment includes the opportunity to submit your 24-hour urine test to Melanie, the Founder & CEO of The Kidney Dietitian, for recommendations and small group calls.

Kidney Stone Nutrition School access is included with all patient packages.

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